Friday, 29 June 2012

What I've Googled this week #1

I thought this may be a fun series post to do.

I use Google a a way, you could say I'm thirsty for knowledge, always looking to learn something new. In another way, you could say that I dont know a lot about anything, hence relying on Google to educate me.

Either way, I looked over my Google searches from the past week, and picked 5 of the most interesting/random to share with y'all.

So here goes part 1...

#1 Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp Mascara

This was a sample in my June GlossyBox, and I only just got round to using it. I've read varying reviews of it, but I really like the shape of the brush and what it does to my lashes, so have purchased the full size. Its on offer at the moment for £8.45 which I think is quite reasonable.

I was in the market for a new mascara anyway after being massively let down by Max Factor False Lash Effect 24 Hour Mascara (see a really accurate review of its sh*tness here, which I commented on and agreed with!). I persevered with it for about a week but just gave up, its awful, in my opinion.

#2 The Holocaust
OK so not the most cheery of subjects I'll admit, but fascinating none the less. I didnt cover the holocaust in any depth at school, I was part of the industrial revolution study year and my GCSES revolved around this (yawwwn), so I always felt there was more for me to learn about all things third reich, concentration camps and why it actually all happened.

So whilst Steve hijacked the TV to watch football, I read through pages and pages of info about the Holocaust and World War II in general. Heavy stuff indeed, and alot of the pics were quite upsetting.

#3 Tube Times Olympia to Kings Cross

This is because I went to the Marketing Week Live event at Olympia on Wednesday. It was a great show with an exhibition and conference on all aspects of marketing; social, digital, live etc etc. Including event and exhibition companies and promo items. I got loads of freebies including a really nice notebook, which I have now dubbed 'the bloggy idea notebook', pens, popcorn, jelly beans and more. Oh, and I learnt some stuff and made some good connections. Because thats the real reason I was there...sure.

Anyhoo back to the google search, I'm not sure if I took the best route but it took me 40 mins to get from where I was to Kings Cross. 40 mins on the train/tube, in rushhour. During one of the muggiest, heaviest, hottest days in the year so far. Then another hour and 10 on another train to Ely, where Steve picked me up from. As you can imagine, I was rather hot, frazzled and bothered by the time I eventually got home!

#4 Border Terrier Puppies
Altogether now...AWWWWW
Steve and I have again been discussing possibly getting a dog. However much I'd love a labrador, we just dont have the house space for one (and I'm not keen on letting one roam the garden 24/7, what if it escaped?!) so I think we need to be realistic about the size of dog we *may* get so its not overwhelming for us or unfair for the dog. So I've been researching smaller breeds and have narrowed my faves down to a few, one of which is border terrier. Their temprements seem to be just what we're looking for too, which I know you have to judge on a dog by dog basis, but...yeah, I had great fun looking at cute puppy pics for a while :-)

#5 Kool and The Gang Songs

I have no idea why I googled this. NO IDEA.

Rachel x

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Skincare Regime

Inspired by The Sunday Girl, I decided to write out my skin care regime.

I don’t claim to be an expert, and to be honest (no bragging intended at all) my skin is actually pretty good and I rarely get spots (thanks mum!) so until now haven’t really bothered with anything more than a very low maintenance routine of wash and go. Naughty naughty.  However I am getting on a bit…26 this year *sob* so I thought it would be time to start looking after it properly and hopefully preventing any signs of aging.

I’ve forced myself into a routine recently, I used to use facial wipes to remove my makeup but I never felt properly clean after using them. So now I cleanse, tone and moisturise daily and once or twice a week dedicate 30 mins or so to pampering my face.

Here’s how my ‘Rachel time’ goes down…:

Sunday night is bath night. I hasten to add that I do wash during the week via the shower, but Sunday nights I fill the tub with uncomfortably hot water and climb on in.

I’ll start by applying a facemask. At the moment I’m using the sample I got in my May GlossyBox but I’m not really fussy what sort I use. I tend to favour ones for sensitive skin as can find some of them sting horribly. I’ll let that work its magic for a bit, then wash it off.

I’ll then use this:
Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Face Scrub

...and massage it in. I only use this once a week as that’s what the back of the bottle tells me to do and who am I to disagree with the instructions. I love the smell of and fresh feeling after using any tea tree product.

And then this:
No7 Beautiful Skin Foaming Cleanser

I bought this last week and am undecided on what it actually does so far. It only cost me £4 as I used one of boots wonderful £5 off vouchers. I’m not sure I’ll buy it again at full price once it runs out. It smells nice though.

I’ll then wash my hair and rinse under the shower – I can’t rinse my hair in dirty bath water, that’s gross. I’ll then slap on a hair mask, am using Tresemme Hair Repair one at the moment and I do like it! I rinse that with cold water – is it an old wives tale that rinsing with cold water does something to hair follicles and makes it all shiny and lovely? Unsure really but I do it anyway just incase.

Once out I’ll use my eye make up remover to get rid of the remnants of mascara (I can NEVER get it all off on the first attempt), cleanse, tone and apply an ‘aging preventing’ serum, focussing on my eye area.

I’ll then apply a light layer of moisturiser and slick on some carmex (to which I have a pretty raging addiction). I’ve experimented with lots of skincare ranges in the past, but have settled for Boots Botanics as my firm favourite. I love the products, they feel premium but at a really good price. They all smell lovely and I like that they use plant extracts as their main ingredients. I will just add here, incase Mr Boots is reading, I DO NOT LIKE the new packaging for the range. In my eyes it cheapens it...the packaging was lovely before! Packaging doesnt affect the effectiveness of the product though I suppose, so I will continue to use.

The best eye make up I've ever used. Truth!
Mmmm honey moisturiser
I’ll give my hair a brush and a squirt or two of Uniq One hair treatment (another GlossyBox find, I almost immediately bought the full size version from Amazon, this stuff is amazing) and let it dry naturally in whatever frizzy, curly manner it likes.

I generally repeat the above on a Wednesday or Thursday night. Any excuse for an hour to myself relaxing in the bath, I say.

I’ve been adopting this approach for about a month now and have to say I do notice a difference. My skin definitely feels cleaner, fresher and just looks brighter on a day to day basis.

So there you have it!

What’s your routine? Do you like this sort of post? Do you care about my routines? I was considering doing a make-up routine style post but wont if the overwhelming response is 'No Rachel, we don't care!'

Rachel x

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Naughty Rachel.

I've been a naughty blogger over the past few weeks. I feel I've neglected my blog somewhat. Asides from being crazy busy and not having much time to switch my lap top on, I've found that I'm totally lacking inspiration on what to write about.

I hope my writers block stops soon, but until then I feel awful. Starting a new job and suffering brain ache at the end of each day, coupled with some bad news, and topped off with a smidgen of depression over the horrible weather (this is the only reference to weather I will make I swear), has really killed off my blogging mojo.

I am still reading lots of lovely blogs, and love my bloglovin' app for making it tres easy for me to catch up with my favourite writers. But I haven't been able to comment for some reason - I have tried, honest!

I haven't meant this post to sound depressing, I guess I just need a bit of reassurance that lacking inspiration is OK, and that it will come back soon!

How do you stay inspired to blog? What's the longest you've left between interesting posts?

Until I have something more interesting to write...

Rachel x

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Veggie patch update.

Soooo, a quick update on le garden and its blooming loveliness.

This (not so) little beaut has popped up in the past few weeks. A wonderful, white rose bush!

Look! Its Chester enjoying the sun. I had to sneak a little kitty pic in somewhere.

The veggie garden has come on very well since my last post. As you can see below, its all flourishing and growing healthily. The winds of late have battered the potato plants a little, but Steve has assured me that it wont effect the roots, so we can still expect a good crop!

The lettuces are ready and oh so yummy, we made epic bacon and lettuce sandwiches using them and if I say so myself, it was the best ruddy sandwich I've ever had!

The radishes are ready too...but we've now realised that neither of us like radishes. At all. So we're a bit unsure with what to do with them at the moment.

I'm not sure when the rest (carrots, onions and beetroot) will be ready...really should look into that.

Follow me into the green house and you will see our crop of tomato plants. There's only one here that looks like its really going to be successful, but as I'm no Alan Titchmarsh we'll have to wait and see what happens.

And here, here is our selection of beans (runnner and broad, I think), peppers (red and orange), jalenpenos and cucumbers. Again, I dont know if these are looking good or not really, but the peppers are flowering which can only be a good thing, surely?

So there you have it. Steve has been a very busy little bee planting and looking after our plants, I've kind of helped where I can, but the credit all goes to him.

Cant wait to see how it looks in a few weeks!

Rachel x

Monday, 18 June 2012

Be my guest...

As part of the Big Blog Swap, I wrote a guest post for Jess at Livin' on Sweet Tea. You can read it here! Its not actually as awful as I thought it would be, considering I wrote it at 2am.

The other guest post links can all be found here

Rachel x

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Guest Post - Cooking and stuff with Catherine

It's my pleasure to introduce y'all to my chum Catherine, from Running in my wellies.

As part of the Big Blog Swap, she got stuck with writing for me :-)

I was mega excited about this - as I love her blog and read it all the time. I'm worried she thinks I stalk her with the amount of comments I leave, but ho hum.

I'll hand you over to her now, enjoy!

I have always been one of those people who leave things until the last minute. At school I did my homework on the school bus or on my lap under the table. University saw me putting in twelve hour stints in the library to get my dissertation finished. I never make my lunch the night before. When it's time to leave for work you'll see me sitting cross legged in front of the mirror painting on eyeliner with my mouth open. In mundane and fairly unimportant situations, I like to live on the edge.

So firstly,this explains why I am hammering out this post the day before I need to submit it. And secondly, it explains why I chose to talk about this topic, a topic close to my heart.

Bear with me if you're trying to see the link between baking stuff and me being an unorganised beeyatch. Because when I was pondering this guest post I got to thinking about talking about something I love (i.e. food), and once I had thought for a little while I began to analyse both my kitchen history and my kitchen style. Pull up that psychiatrist's couch...

Apple and butterscotch cake: what a beast

First Memories
My family have probably shaped both my liking of, and slapdash approach to, cooking.

Exhibit 1: my mum. She freely admits she doesn't like cooking and is simultaneously mystified and wary of it. As kids she despaired as we decided overnight we now hated something we previously loved (I remember her sittingdown and compiling a spread sheet of do-able meal options) and her meals were sometimes quirky, i.e. the infamous 'I had no food colouring so I used apple and blackcurrant squash' cake. So in my house, once I was old enough, I learnt that it was often more effective (and widely welcomed by mum) for me to do the cooking.

My Grandmas were at opposite ends of the cooking spectrum. My Dad's mum was a proper old school cook and her cakes and jams were legendary. My Uncle told me how, when it was harvest on the farm, she would bring out hot dinners to the farmworkers. Six plates of stew. On her bike. With my Uncle on the back.

Mum's mum is a bit more...kooky (what an appropriate term). She has an Aga, which instantly dictates an unorthodox method where times and temperatures were out the window. Her three signature dishes are cheese biscuits, 'melting moments and the classic, Aga Toast.

a peanut mess after faffing with a blender

My Skills Progress
As I got older I began to enjoy cooking new things and trying them out on the family. I cooked lasagne, hollandaise sauce, profiteroles, meringue... trying them all out on the family. If I was bored I would try out a new recipe. My experimental nature came because of our location: our farm was nowhere near any shops so I made do with what was in the cupboards. My Bible was a 1989 cookbook, which I still use now.

me and the infamous Aga

Aah, Uni, Uni is where I met a species of people I hadn't come into contact with before: people who can't cook. My flatmate, I think, had been kept in a box and released into the world on his 18th birthday. He didn't have a clue. His idea of a snack was a piece of bread folded in half. He used to watch me cook in awe as I made a bowl of pasta, God love him. He has survived to this day, all credit, and although he primarily eats frozen pizza he has been known to cook. Once he fed us a meal made entirely out of things from cans. Remember that scene in Friends where Rachel makes trifle with mince? Yeah, that.

mac ncheese, a basic dish that you can jazz however you like

Holy cow, I'm a cook
I always considered going into cooking as a profession, but I never fancied being a shouty chef and was never accurate, tidy, careful or recipe-obedient enough to put myself out there elsewhere. But when I was a waitress in a tea room I somehow wrangled a couple of kitchen shifts. I was in charge, and I loved it. Looking forward to work? Unheard of! I loved going into my organisational trance, getting things done efficiently and most of all not having to cope with customers. I miss that job.

cookie dough choccies, oh yeh man

I am a firm believer in freestyle cookery, i.e. not following a recipe and going for it. I feel that once you have that bank of basic skills (like making a white sauce, asponge cake, tomato sauce) you can draw on these and make them your own. One ofmy favourite things to cook is lasagne, but I never ever follow a recipe orweigh ingredients. Hmm, I fancy red peppers in this today. In they go. No milk? I'll use Greek yoghurt and cheese. How about a breadcrumb crust this time? Why not. I adore this way of cooking: it's creative and fun.

So cooks of the world, here is my message! If you are missing an ingredient, say so what! If you don't have recipe, go off roading. If it goes wrong, who cares, think ofhow to save it. Enjoy your cooking, add your own flair, zone out and have a ball.

Cooking for me is like an art. I don't want to be bogged down, I want to leave things until the last minute and enjoy the adrenalin rush getting it done. Sure, use recipes for ideas and inspiration but don't get bogged down in following them to the letter. Kitchen time is amazing because it is your time and you are the boss.

get messy

If you want to browse any of my cooking adventures check out my blog Running in my wellies.

I also talk about living in the country (like my lovely friend Rachel), dogs, shopping, beauty and books. I have a lot of love for a lot of things, I am in the midst of discovering my forte, join me on the journey why dontcha.

Thank you for having me Rachel! xxx

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Busy Days

Ooh I’ve had a busy few days. I feel I’ve been a bit AWOL and neglected my blog, when in reality it's only been 2 days since I last posted. Thats got to be a sign of addiction, right?!

Moving on - I’ll do a quick round up of what I’ve been up to.

The weekend saw us being very sociable. Friday we stayed at some friends, drank some wine, watched the Glee Live concert. I have no shame – it was brill.

Saturday night was spent drinking cocktails, eating tapas and going clubbing (yes, clubbing) for one of my besties birthdays. I drank way too many Long Island Beach Teas (kalua instead of tequila, cranberry juice instead of coke = OMG amazing), and danced to bad UK Garage. We were home by about 1:30 which is a sign of our age I believe…no more walking home as the sun rises for me.

Monday and Tuesday have been spent at my Mums in the depths of Norfolk. We had some nice food, and some mummy and daughter time and it was lovely. On Tuesday my niece came over for the day.

Her name is Lily, she’s 15 months old, and she is the most beautiful baby in the world. Ever. I know I’m a little biased, but here’s proof.

I love her so much, she’s a joy to look after and at this age is hilarious. She’s just learnt the word no and that sticking her tongue out at me makes me giggle, I’m sure my brother (her dad) will be none too impressed with this skill I’ve taught her!

Lily and I wandered around a botanical garden just down the road from Mums and I took some pretty pics.

I picked up the Hunger Games 1st book yesterday morning, and literally couldn’t put it down. That’s a lie, I did put it down when I needed the loo and to entertain Lily, but I still managed to read the whole book in a day. THAT is how good it is. I must admit I was up until the wee hours just so I could finish it. Blimey it was good, and was v.similar to the film too. Cant wait to read the 2nd one!

Today I’ve driven home from Ma’s, cleaned out my car and taken it through the car wash and tidied up the house after leaving Steve to his own defences for 2 nights.

I love car washes, they remind me of going through them as a child and being a little bit petrified but exhilarated that the car was taking a battering with water and sponges but we were safe and dry inside. I still get a little bit excited going through one at the ripe age of 25.

I’ve just found out I get to write a post for Jessica at Livin’ on Sweet Tea as part of the Great Big Blog Swap. I’m really excited about this, and am going to have a read through her blog now to get some inspiration for a topic to write about. I’ve never taken part in anything like this before, but I’ve found a load of new lovely blogs to read as part of it. Keep an eye on Eat.Enjoy.Live for links to the swap posts which will go live on Saturday 16th June. Catherine from Running in my Wellies is writing for me and I’ll be proud to post her on my blog!

Over and out for now; start my new job tomorrow and am 20% excited, 80% cold-sweats-racing-heart petrified.

Rachel x

Monday, 11 June 2012

Friday, 8 June 2012

I'm Elmo and I know it!

I’m in bed writing this and feeling a little sorry for myself – I’ll tell you for why.

1) I’m utterly bored; Steve has commandeered my car to get to work as his is at the car hospital, so I am stuck inside all day. I cant even go for a wander in the garden as its CHUCKING it down

2) I’m currently in between jobs, starting my new one next week. I have come to realise that I am NOT GOOD at staying at home doing nothing; my brain is turning to mush.

3) I’m feeling a wee bit poorly due to the aforementioned IBS I suffer from. I’m all bloaty and having crazy bad stomach cramps. MEH.

Anyhoo my sister sent me the following link, and I have to say this video has absolutely brightened my day, and I beamed throughout like the child that I really am.

Tickle tickle tickle tickle yeah!

I’m now going to stick on my Planet Earth DVD (I originally wrote video! How old school am I?!) and do my ironing. Yep, this is how us geeks roll.

TFI Friday!

Rachel x

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Drive - Girl Crush

I'm interrupting my scheduled summer posts AGAIN and this time because I have a new girl crush.

I watched Drive last night, and I have to say I liked it but didn't think it was this totally amazing piece of cinema that people have been raving it is. Still, it was short at 1hr 30mins (I do like a short film, can't be assed with spending 3 - 4 hours of my life in front of the tv) and it felt very 80's and has a cracking electro 80's feel soundtrack, which I WILL be downloading.

 It has Ryan Gosling in it, and I'll probably get a lot of telling off for this but......I just dont get 'it'. He is supposedly some international worldwide sex symbol, and I just dont see it. Dont get me wrong, I think he is attractive in a strange kind of way, but give me Tom Hardy or Ed Norton (yup, Ed Norton, what of it?) over Ryan any day of the week.

On to the leading lady, and the very subject of this post. Carey Mulligan.

I've never seen a film with Carey in it before. Just look at her! In the film she is quiet and cute. She's just so....pretty. Pretty is the best word I can use to describe her. I really think she's lovely and naturally beautiful.  I'm going all gushy over my new girl crush *blushes*.

I'm off to see what else she is in, so I can be in awe of and jealous of her natural beauty. Don't judge me.

Rachel x

Things I love about summer

In no particular order, the things I love about summer are...:

Daytime drinking

The summer time makes it acceptable to drink during the day. I'm not talking about hardcore vodka/tequila shot-doing, I’m not sure this is ever acceptable mid-afternoon, but it is certainly A-OK to partake in a cider/shandy drink or two. My favourite is Kopperberg – Strawberry and Lime. It’s a dangerous drink though, it tastes like pop and before you know it you’ve drunk 7 of them and are crawling towards the taxi rank on the high street absolutely blottoed at 3pm, whilst ‘normal’ people are still doing their shopping. Or is that just me?

Reading in the sun

Is there a more relaxing afternoon that lying in your garden on a blanket, reading a good book in the sun?

(image credit)

Not only is it imperative that you wear suncream, it makes you smell totally lush too. Just a whiff of any type of suncream (but Hawaiian Tropic in particular) transports my mind to memories of holidays past and makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.


I've done two - Reading 2008 and V-Festival 2010. I loved them, and although it hoofed it down at both, I cannot recommend attending at least one festival in your life time enough.

I fear I may be a bit old for festivalling now, I'm not interested in camping and not washing for any amount of time anymore, but the experiences I had were phenomenal. Every ones loved up with everyone else (may or may not be drug-related, who am I to comment), you're bound to find at least one act you want to bop along to and the atmosphere is just, well just amazing.

+ My highlight of Reading was seeing Bloc Party and going to the Silent Disco. If you haven't been to a silent disco you must - such a surreal experience. On entry, you are given a pair of headphones. You can choose between two channels of music...and there you have it. Everyone in the tent is dancing away to their own music....taking your headphones off to a silent, dancing crowd of people was hilarious.

+ Highlight of V-fest: THE PRODIGY. THE KOOKS. FAITHLESS. FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE. KASABIAN. PLAN B. Amongst many, many others. Nuff' said.

Rocking cagoules and strongbow at V-fest

Doesn’t everyone smile more when the sun is out?

(image credit)

Leaving the back door open

Bit of an odd one I’ll admit, but I love pottering round the house with the back door left open during summer. The cats can come as they please, fresh and warm air circulates round the house and the noise of lawnmowers is strangely comforting to me.

Day trips

Be they to the seaside or to a theme park, I do love a day trip. I grew up near the coast and so always feel like I’m ‘at home’ when I’m by the sea, and who doesn’t love fish and chips on the pier?
I’m a huge fan of theme parks and so a day at Alton Towers or Thorpe Park with the sun shining is my idea of heaven (and oh-so handy for drying off after the log flumes)

(image credit)

My friends birthday is on the 9th June, and for the past 4 years we have celebrated by taking a picnic (adult picnic = sandwiches and cider) to a local playing field and having a game of rounders. It normally starts boys vs. girls, then we mix it up a little when the boys get a bit too competitive and start shouting at us. It is SO MUCH fun, last year we had medals made and the winning team got presented them before we headed into town for a night out. I have so many pictures of my friends dancing away in the nightclub wearing their rounders medals.

Team rounders

Boating on the Broads

Head to Norfolk and you will find the Broads. A couple of summers ago, me + 29 others hired 3 boats, and set sail on a Friday afternoon for 3 days of sailing, drinking and celebrating my pal Jon's birthday. It was heavenly. The weather was perfect and we all learnt how to drive and park (moor?) a boat.


Punting is the only way to roll in Cambridge. More on it in my next post….stay tuned!

(image credit)

What do y'all love about summer??

Rachel x
p.s - sorry for the uber long post, I clearly love more about summer than I first realised summer is coming

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Summer Parties


As you hopefully know I am co-hosting the Summer Linky Party.
Our mission is to post summery posts over the next weeks, and the hopefully get others linking up and talking about summer too.

So this weekend being the first of ‘official’ summer, and as a nod to the Jubilee but mainly because we had an extra day off, Steve and I held a BBQ at our house on Monday. The weekend leading up to this was super busy with airport runs, food shopping, cleaning the house and cutting the grass (him, not me. I am not allowed to cut the grass since I did it and made pretty swirl and zigzag patterns. Apparently this is not ok in the world of cutting grass).

We had about 20 people over on Monday, and the weather stayed fine enough for us to sit out all afternoon and night. I bought 40 sausages and burgers from the butchers over the weekend (for £20! Bargain!) and various friends bought other bits of food, dessert and drink.

I didn’t take any pictures, cos I’m rubbish. And I managed to get horribly drunk by 5pm, suffer a hangover from about 6pm, and drink myself sober by 7pm. I had great fun though and I think everyone else did too. The boys, being boys, played a bit of cricket and ‘catching’ with a nerf whistler ball thing (remember those?) and then they had a fire in an oil drum which kept us warm till about midnight.

Tuesday was spent cleaning the house (I bought plastic tumblers, cutlery and plates, yet had a mountain of washing up) and generally feeling a bit sorry for ourselves.

I love summer BBQ’s!

Rachel x

There’s a bunny in my shed….

What am I going to do?

I'm interrupting my scheduled Summer Linky Party posts to bring you some bunny related news.

So on Saturday morning I was sat out in the garden, enjoying a cup of tea when Chester jumped over the fence carrying a baby rabbit. He was carrying it like a cat would carry her kitten (i.e by the scruff of its neck in his mouth) and I wasn’t sure if it was alive or not, but not wanting to watch him eat it I screamed at him and he dropped it. On closer inspection it WAS alive, and then I had no idea what to do. So I stood there for about 5 mins, just staring at it.

It suddenly bolted, Chester chased it, I chased him. We did a few laps of the garden….bearing in mind I was wearing my pjamas and flip flops, it was a little like a twisted Benny Hill sketch, before I grabbed Chester and the bunny managed to get away. Hooray I thought! I had saved a life. It then occurred to me that our garden is enclosed, so there was no way it would be able to get back out to the field it came from. I popped some carrots near the hole under the shed (where I had seen it escape to) and kept the cats in for the rest of the day and night.

This morning, and up until just now, I have been chasing that fecking rabbit round the garden again. I noticed Chester playing with it again this morning, so donned my gardening gloves and went out to get it. Cue more Benny Hill style rabbit chasing, this time in the rain. I caught it once and it jumped out the box, caught it again and popped in a higher sided box. 

It’s chilling out (de-stressing, I hope) in the box in my shed at the moment, and I’ve called the RSPCA and am waiting for them to come take a look at him (isn’t it funny how we always ‘sex’ animals with no clue what they actually are?)  

I don’t know if this is what you are meant to do with wild baby animals, and quite frankly I don’t care if I was meant to leave it be, I wasn’t about to watch it get killed and eaten by my pets. So I’ve done the only thing I know what to do – contained him, left him alone and called the professionals to come and advise what to do best.

All in all its been a very eventful morning on my ‘relaxing day off’.

Rachel x

Monday, 4 June 2012

Summer Linky Party

The summer is definitely coming, if not already here for some of us. 
You already know that Summer is my favourite season of. all. time.
I'm always searching for ways to look my best, the nicest places to holiday, the best things to eat, and creating those big smiles the sun always seems to bring. 

What better way to get inspiration for summer than from your blogging friends, right?

So here it is, the Here Comes the Summer linky party.
I'm your host

I also have 3 lovely ladies co-hosting with me.

This 'party' is going on all week! So come and link up.

You can link up anything as long as its summer themed. Your co-hosts and I will be posting about summer all week. 

Here are the rules:

1. Follow your host and co-hosts.
2. Linked posts must be about summer.
3. Go and find some inspiration!

Feel free to grab a button for the bottom of your posts too.

Looking forward to reading your posts!

Saturday, 2 June 2012

The Chilli Festival of Pain

If you take a quick look at Heading to Hertfordshire, you’ll see what usually happens when we visit our friends Kev and Vicki in Hertforshire.

One weekend we decided to break this tried and tested formula of a good weekend, and headed to a Chilli festival in the grounds of a stately home in a local village (nr Stevenage).There were loads of stalls and food vans, selling everything from chilli jam and dips to chilli chocolate bars to chilli beauty products.

(image credit)

As a sufferer of IBS, it is generally wise that I avoid any food with more depth and flavour than soggy broccoli. On this occasion though, I decided to give the two fingered salute to my dicky digestive system and dived in the chilli fun with gusto.

We approached the first stand.

‘How hot is this dip?’ I asked.
‘How hot do you want it?’ the stand vendor asked with a wink. (I promise this is not the beginning of a 70’s style soft porn movie)

I stuttered and hesitated, momentarily thrown by the man’s sauciness (it’s not a carry on film either, promise).

How hot did I want it?! Well, I wasnt sure. Not wanting to lose face infront of this flirtatious, chilli growing maniac, I put a huge dollop of the dip on a cracker, chewed, swallowed and smiled.

‘Very nice’ I squeaked before running away.

It was such a mistake. My stomach instantly bloated and started churning in pain. ‘Why did you do this do me?’ it cried. ‘I don’t know’ I whimpered. My eyes started streaming, my airways clearing at an alarming rate.

Steve asked if I was OK. ‘Yes’ I whispered, ‘lets have a look round’.

Hahaha, their faces during the chilli eating contest. Fools.

We trudged around the show for long enough to decide that we didn’t want to buy anything other than a chocolate coated chilli pepper for my sister.

On our way out, we saw that The Hairy Bikers were filming at one of the stands. What a celeb spot! We hovered about for a bit until they’d finished, asked them for a photo, one ignored us and the other gave us a cuddle and obliged (I don’t know their names I’m afraid). I instantly felt better after this – tis strange how comforting a cuddle from a big, hairy Geordie can be.

The one on the right cuddled me. The other did not - boooo hiss.

Lesson learnt from this weekend: take a risk and eat a chilli; you will not die and you might meet a hairy biker.

The end.

Rachel x

p.s - these aren't my pics, I forgot my camera. I've taken them from the events website though, so this is actually what we saw and did.(images credit)

Friday, 1 June 2012

Airport run

I'm writing this as I sit in Norwich airport waiting for my Dad to trundle through arrivals. His flight was meant to be here an hour ago, poor pops :-(

He travels so much with his job, he has literally been everywhere in THE WORLD. The good thing about this I suppose it that he's seen so much of the world, the bad point is that in the past two months he's only had 4 days at home. Again, poor pops :-(

It only takes me an hour to get to Norwich from my house, and it's a really nice drive so I often pick him up from here. And I get paid for my troubles, boo yeah!

Anyhow just wanted to quickly share what came in the post earlier.

American psycho - the book. I've tried to add a pic but not sure if it's worked or not. Pesky blogger app. I've read good reviews of this book on some blogs recently, and I like the film so I ordered it from trusty

Can't wait to get home and start it. Welcome to my rock and indeed roll life people!

Have you read it? It is going to scare the bejesus out of me?! I have an over active imagination as it is, so not sure this'll make appropriate bedtime reading.

Aha! Pops! Here he is so off I go.

Over and out, hope your Friday night is infinitely more exciting than mine is.

Rachel x
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