Tuesday, 9 October 2012

A birthday.

Somewhat delayed post but 1st September saw Steve turn 29. Cue jokes about trading him in for a younger model...mwa haha.

As we’re planning some pretty spectacular celebrations for his 30th next year (helllooooooo Barbados), this year was fairly low key.

I bought him a snazzy new wallet, a modern family boxset (does anyone else watch this? I introduced Steve to it when we first met, and he’s possibly more of a super-fan than me now!), a posh case for his i-Pad and some socks (who doesn't love socks?).

During the day, we punted. It was a lovely warm afternoon, and even though it was his birthday, Steve did most of the punty-work. I did have a bash though, and managed not to fall in, but did manage to crash into a wall. Hmph.

Cambridge is a beautiful city, and we are lucky to live so close to it. Punting is a great way to see some of the historical sights.

The evening saw us go to a local country pub with some friends and eat steak. Steve had a 24oz T-bone, which FYI, is a whole lotta’ meat. I opted for a 10oz sirloin, medium rare thankyou please, and it was mighty lovely.

Both of us had a lovely day. It was a perfect mix of ‘us’ time and time with friends.

I love birthdays, even if they're not mine. 

Rachel x


  1. i love cambridge although i have to say am not a massive fan of punting probably because i am tense all the time worrying i am going to fall in. yes i am a relly laidback person ;)

  2. Happy beleated birthday to Steve :) Never explored Cambridge, though I'd like to. Been to Oxford a lot and love it, it makes me feel smart.


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